Coat of Arms Bracelet

The Coat of Arms

Bold yet detailed expressions of Spanish pride, tradition, and colonial power. Perfect for expressing your most noble sense of style.

Bee Pendent

The Bee Collection

Beloved by all cultures, this energetic ambassador of blossoming prosperity makes an endearing fashion statement, too.

Crown Bracelet

The Crown

Worn by monarchs, the timeless symbol of honor, glory, triumph, radiance, and righteousness. Your coronation awaits.

Charm Bracelet

The Encantado

To charm, enchant, and enthrall. That’s the intent behind each of these delightfully detailed pieces. Ready to cast your spell?

Calavera Rose Pendant Necklace

The Calavera

The skull image is synonymous with Dia de Muertos, the holiday honoring the dearly departed. It’s also a lively departure from the every-day.

Corazon Angel Bracelet

The Corazon

The heart, the enduring symbol of compassion and the transformative power of love. You’ll love how it transforms any ensemble.

Natalie Gold and Silver Necklace


Every link of these masterful creations is made by hand. Wise, skilled, experienced hands. Wear them alone or use them to create something uniquely your own with any of our signature pendants.

Al Merito Necklace

Al Merito

Quality, virtue, distinction, worthy of merit. That’s what the medallion at the core of this collection proclaims. We think you’ll agree.

Guadaloupe Ring


Behold our Lady, Blessed Virgin Mother, star of Juan Diego’s visions. And here, she appears again. Dare we say she’s never looked better?

Cross Pendant

San Benito

The mighty Saint Benedict Medal, fabled for it’s power to send evil running. We also believe in its power to inspire elegance, sophistication, and beauty.